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AGCO Corporation Case Study: Lower TCO and Higher Uptime through Connectivity and Data Analytics

Today, we take a little side step and focus on predictive maintenance and remote services. In this exclusive video case study, Marc Eckerhall, Director, After Sales Service, EME at AGCO Corporation speaks about “Lower TCO and Higher Uptime through Connectivity and Data Analytics”. Marc spoke at the Scale Up 360 Smart Remote Services D/A/CH.

Instead of repairing a machine when it goes down, what if you could identify the issue and address it ahead of time? Having that insight allows us to have the right part, service, and response ready to put into action, preventing any downtime for the customer in the ideal scenario. Marc will share his insights on delivering service excellence in a digitized business landscape.

  • Data analytics
  • Machine Monitoring Center
  • Automatic information escalation
  • Proactive and predictive maintenance

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