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AII: Developing an Industrial Internet Standard System

The industrial internet is forming a complete new ecosystem that does not stop at borders, especially not at the Chinese one. With industrial system networking and collaboration increasing, lots of new standardization requirements rise. The Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII), headquartered in China, conducted a study to draw up an industrial internet standard system.

The result is the “Industrial Internet Standard System Report”, which we proposes general ideas, basic principles, standard system framework, key standardization directions and promotion suggestions. It aims to provide a systemized guidance of Industrial Internet standardization for the industrial communities, to provide references and basis for development and amendment of Industrial Internet national standards, industrial standards and group standards, and to provide support for Industrial Internet development.

Key Disciplines of the Industrial Internet Standard System Framework

  • Network Interconnection
  • Identifier Resolution
  • Application Supporting
  • Industrial Internet Data
  • Security

View the full report to learn what corporate research and academia in China suggest in order to promote Industrial Internet standardization.