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Augmented Reality Apps bringing Revelation in the App Market

Technology has now become an integral part of our lives. It has changed the way we interact with people as well as machines for the better, and new advancements are being made to technology every day. Perhaps the most notable improvement is the rise of AR or augmented reality.
Augmented reality, or AR as it more formally known is being used for a variety of purposes. While virtual reality or VR is something that integrates digital elements with the actual world, AR allows you to see an entirely new world.
The concept of augmented reality was made popular by apps such as Pokémon Go. Snapchat filters also use augmented reality which young adults find particularly fascinating. Gaming creative has used both augmented and virtual reality for years now, and Apple has also done its work in the field by providing contactless payments and biometrics authentication. However, this is just the beginning, and things now are getting interesting for the augmented reality technology.
The truth is that augmented reality has already taken over our lives and is creating a great deal of buzz in the app development industry as well. According to a report, augmented reality apps helped businesses all around the world earn close to $5.2 million, and this amount is likely to grow even more in the coming years. But before we talk about how it’s impacting our lives and those around us, let us look into what it is at its core.

Explaining Augmented Reality

In layman’s terms, augmented reality is something that combines the user’s environment and digital information and gives you a new layout. What the AR does is that it overlays the existing situation with ‘new’ information and creates a non-fiction scenario. Unlike the virtual reality world which is entirely digital, augmented reality has something of both worlds.
Though both of these realities play with 3D experiences, augmented reality gets more points and has proven to bring profits to businesses. While Google Glass and HoloLens are still in their very early stages, speculations that AR one day will take over the smartphone industry aren’t far off. It may sound confusing right now, but the theory is already being tested. That’s right. Tech experts believe that AR will help you ditch your phone.
In a nutshell, augmented reality is beneficial to all business who want to show virtual products in real time. It has multiple uses but the market is still fresh, and companies have just begun to experiment with this fantastic technology.
The modern AR will affect multiple aspects of our lives in the coming future, and right now, we shall discuss some of the ways it has already started impacting our lives as well as the app development industry.

Impact of Augmented Reality

The Smithsonian in Washington, DC features a Skin and Bones Exhibit that lets visitors visualize the skin over the animal skeleton through a dedicated mobile app. Other such advances are being made quite quickly in the world of augmented and virtual reality. Here’re a couple of ways in which this 3D imaging is already taking our lives.


One of the first places you’re likely to see AR are search and rescue operations. Emergency services and first responders have started investing heavily in augmented reality apps because it gives them real-time mapping of buildings during crisis situations. This AR could be used by a central command post to offer information to the rescuers and use the data later on as well.


If you’ve ever been to a new city or town, you know that it can be a real hassle to find restaurants or even ATMs. Augmented reality apps like the Nokia City Lens make things more manageable as they let you view your surrounding street and show you the landmarks, businesses, and restaurants that you’ll find there. Instead of scouring streets for hours looking for the perfect place, you can use these apps to find the location you are looking for. Once you find what you’re searching for, you can head in that direction.

Retail Experience

The retail and shopping experience can be improved beyond belief once augmented reality comes into use. Usually, barcodes are used to identify goods and compare prices, and there’s nothing that helps you identify a product without its barcode. So, let’s say you’re walking somewhere and really like a bag that someone else is buying. How do you find it? This isn’t a difficult task. Thanks to apps like CamFind, you can take a picture of your favorite product and find out where you can buy it. These particular visual apps are a God send when you go abroad and have difficulty understanding or speaking the local language.


We’ve already talked about Google Glass, but did you know that these goggles can be used to identify and call up historical and background information on landmarks that show up on your camera’s smartphone. Numerous apps help the user find out detailed information about what they’re looking at, and this can be very helpful. Apps such as Layar can also help students add augmented reality codes and buttons to text so the page can be printed and brought to life.


Finally, you cannot ignore the impact the augmented reality is having on the entertainment industry as a whole. AR apps such as Pokémon Go held the world’s attention for quite a long time and is still one of the largest rollouts for augmented reality. Things are just starting to get interesting with advancements in the upcoming augmented reality headsets. Apps such as Snapchat filters are also set to revolutionize the technological world, and the entertainment industry is sure to flourish under the AR.
Augmented reality combines digital information and your environment in real time. AR apps are used by major industries including health and beauty, automobile, gaming, entertainment, and e-commerce. What does the future hold for AR and augmented reality apps, only time will tell!

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