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Automation in electronic manufacturing: Practical experiences with industrial robots and cobots – Melecs Case Study

The Rethink! Smart Manufacturing is the strategy event for production executives and plant managers to discuss current projects, latest developments, emerging technologies and trends in the area of Smart Manufacturing, Lean Management and Operational Excellence. It is the networking platform for top-level decision makers to exchange experience and to find new ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s digital strategy.

Here we share with you an exclusive video case study from Dr. Georg Loisel, VP Quality Management and Production System at Melecs on “Automation in electronic manufacturing – Practical experiences with industrial robots and cobots”.

Automation and robots are used in manufacturing more than 10 years, but now a new generation of robotics emerges: cobots. They work closer to their human ‘colleagues’ and are used for a wide range of tasks. In this presentation I will share our experience with the introduction of cobots in our factories in Austria, Hungary, China and Mexico and give you some insight on the advantages and challenges regarding cobots in electronic manufacturing.

  • Automation concepts with industrial robots and cobots in high volume manufacturing
  • What’s new? Cobots enable new possibilities in automation
  • Chances, challenges and risks when introducing cobots close to manual workplaces
  • How can they be applied? Cobot use cases
  • What are the constraints of cobots? Experiences with speed and integration in work-cells
  • What brings the future? Requirements for development of robot automation

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