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Bosch’s Own 5G Network

The supplier Bosch has applied for licenses in the frequency spectrum of 5G.

After the frequency ranges for the telecommunications companies in Germany have been allocated, the frequency ranges for industry will follow. In this way, companies from sectors outside the telecommunications industry are also given the opportunity to set up their own 5G network. Bosch has already submitted its applications.

Bosch as an IoT company

Bosch has long since jumped on the bandwagon of networking its devices. This has become all the more interesting with the new 5G mobile communications standard. Because with 5G, a lot of data can be transmitted with low latency. In this way one can almost speak of real time.

Bosch applied for a license from the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) and plans to set up local 5G networks. Bosch is not only involved in autonomous and connected driving, but also in IoT and smart factory. Tests are currently taking place on the campus of the research facility in Renningen. Bosch has also applied for another license for the Industry 4.0 tailplane in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. The German Federal Network Agency provides frequencies in the range between 3,700 MHz and 3,800 MHz for companies. However, these are limited to ten years.

Competition factor 5G

The use of the new radio standard brings a competitive advantage due to the above-mentioned advantages. Production can thus be better monitored and operated more efficiently. In addition, production can be accelerated. With its own network, it also has greater independence from telecommunications companies such as Telekom, Vodafone and Orange. In this way, the network can be specially adapted to the needs of production.

Flexibility through networking

From Bosch’s point of view, Industry 4.0 is characterized above all by flexibility, which is also expressed in the fact that only the building is fixed. This is how mobile robots, autonomous transport units, and assistance systems such as data glasses are to be used with the help of 5G. This is possible thanks to the 5G radio link.

Bosch is also involved in the international 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA). They advertise the fact that the use of 5G not only reduces flexibility but also costs. This is achieved by simplifying maintenance and optimizing machine handling.

*Picture: Bosch

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