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Capgemini Research Study on AI in Germany

The Capgemini Research Institute has undertaken a study on artificial intelligence and has also taken a closer look at Germany.

The main hubs of artificial intelligence development is mainly taking place in the USA and China. According to most studies, Germany is lagging behind. But the study from the Capgemini Research Institute does not see Germany as far behind as assumed.

The study analysed the use of artificial intelligence technology in Europe. It turned out that Germany is definitely relying on the technology in the area of production. For example, 51 percent of manufacturing companies would use at least one artificial intelligence in their production hall.

Production uses artificial intelligence

Specifically, according to the study entitled “Scaling AI in Manufacturing Operations: A practitioners’ perspective”, the focus is on use in the areas of maintenance, quality control and planning. The study took a close look at 300 companies. These companies were selected from the industrial, automotive, aerospace and defense sectors.

Advantage of the technology

Artificial intelligence offers above all the advantages in cost reduction, it increases productivity and quality. Especially the production in Germany, France and Great Britain uses the technology.

The study also gives examples. For example, the Danone food company has used artificial intelligence to reduce forecast errors by 20 percent. Sales were improved by around 30 percent because demand could be better predicted using AI analysis.

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