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Why Cloud Why Now – Aveva Case Study

The Rethink! Smart Manufacturing 2020 is the strategy event for production executives and plant managers to discuss current projects, latest developments, emerging technologies and trends in the area of Smart Manufacturing, Lean Management and Operational Excellence. It is the networking platform for top-level decision makers to exchange experience and to find new ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s digital strategy.

Here we share with you an exclusive video case study from Davina Mohr, Director Cloud EMEA at AVEVA. 

There is a lot of noise but here we unravel the value of applying cloud to your industrial landscape in a safe, practical, and transformational way. Address key business imperatives with practical scenarios that you can apply today and how digital transformation strategies leveraging cloud can empower a “new way of working” to realize the Industry 4.0 promise.

  • What is the benefit of Cloud solutions in manufacturing operations?
  • What does the intelligent, networked and data-optimized factory look like?
  • What challenges do we face at Industry 4.0 implementation, usage and maintenance?
  • Which scenarios and business models support Smart Manufacturing

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