Case Studies, Smart Manufacturing

Coca-Cola: From central energy management to 23 plants

Cornelia Folz, Manager Environment at Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG, showed how to increase plant performance with productivity improvements, cost reduction and environmental gains following an energy management project realized in the company. She introduces a cross-functional system embedded in the business plan that encourages behavior to continuously improve energy and water efficiency whilst creating a financial benefit for the company.

Key Facts

  • Leakage, heat lost, compressed air wastage and high temperature had a huge negative impact on energy efficiency
  • A central management system with measurable goals and a beneficial finance perspective was established.
  • Weekly follow ups and data transparency drive behaviour.
  • ISO 50001 implementation: 23 plants were certified in one year.

Access the full Case Study “From Central Energy Management to 23 Plants” on improving productivity and plant performance by downloading it here.