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Commentary: Adapting for the Internet of Things

How does the IoT change the dynamics between IT and OT? And how can latter work together more efficiently? BELDEN and tripwire handed these questions over to true IoT experts. Practitioners from organziations like ICS-ISAC, The Manufacturing Connection, Belden, ISSSource, Securicon and the US Airforce shared their thoughts in order to give us an impression of what the Internet of Things means for the industry of the future.

Statements (Excerpt):

Dale Peterson, Digital Bond: “The ‘OT is different than IT’ fallacy stems from ICS professionals comparing OT to desktop management. OT is mission critical IT.”
Greg Hale, ISSSource: “OT focuses on keeping plants up and running and plugging any weakness around the ICS. Along those same lines, IT faces a fire hose of new attacks with all types new of devices connecting in to the enterprise.”
Patrick Miller: “IT and OT are different, but this is really just a matter of time. At some point in the not too distant future, we will only have technology. No more IT/OT distinction. Just T.”

What do acknowledged experts think about how to embrace the coming merger of IT and OT? Read the commentary and find out.