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Belden: Communication Technologies for the Smart Factory of the Future

The success of the Smart Factory vision largely depends on achieving required performance levels by the underlying communication technologies. If the communication infrastructure cannot meet the demanding requirements, many applications will not work as intended.
Currently, there are many ongoing efforts to close the remaining gaps with new, innovative enhancements in data communication technologies. Communication still has several challenges to overcome, but from today’s perspective, it will be possible to provide all necessary solutions to make the Smart Factory vision a reality. This White Paper shows Belden’s approach to the task of building a communications infrastructure for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Table of Contents (Excerpt):

Changing the Automation Landscape
Communication within the Factory LAN
Improvements in the Physical Layer
Cyber Security & Reliability
Wide Area Networks

What’s behind the terms “Smart Factory,” “Smart Manufacturing,” “Intelligent Factory” and “Factory of the Future”? Read the paper and experience the vision of what industrial production will look like in the future.