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Conrad Connect Case Study: 4 Truths About Predictive Maintenance

For this week we stay with the topic of predictive maintenance and smart remote services. In this exclusive video case study, Peter Kiss, Head of Business Development at Conrad Connect, reveals 4 TRUTHS ABOUT PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE using the IoT. Peter spoke at the Scale Up 360 Smart Remote Services D/A/CH.

IoT, Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance – everyone talks about it. But what’s behind these buzzwords? In the end, many complicated and sometimes cost-intensive solutions that are not one hundred percent suitable for companies in practice.

Predictive maintenance means that you equip the component or production line with a sensor that constantly evaluates the component. The data can then be used by machine learning to see when a possible failure will occur. It sounds simple and it is. Peter dispels 4 myths around Predictive Maintenance.

  • What is Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and why is it so important for industry’s future?
  • 4 courses of myths, which usually makes businesses reluctant to use PdM
  • Revealing the myths: PdM can and should be simple and easy!
  • Conclusions – how to jump-start with PdM?

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