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DSM: Executing Security by Business Model

Establishing cyber resilience – this is one of the main projects Ad Krikke, CSO of DSM, is currently working on. From his point of view CIOs and CISOs have to join forces to improve IT Security protection processes and make them less vulnerable to potential threats. IT Security should work closely with the business and find out, where protection is needed or most beneficial for the company.

If a company is looking for opportunities, IT technology may even be used to develop new business models. As an example Ad notes the music industry and Spotify. The industry invested in protection for years without having any success. Then it turned out that consumers were not downloading music illegally because they did not want to pay for their favorite music. But they did not want to buy a whole album with 20 songs, if they just wanted to listen to 1-3 of them. Always using technology to look for opportunities is what makes the modern CIO/CISO perspective.