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Energy21: Industrial Solutions for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Europe is working hard to cut its greenhouse gas emissions substantially while encouraging other nations and regions to do likewise. One of the key targets of the EU for 2030 is to cut 40% in greenhouse gas emissions compared with 1990. Although committing to such a concrete target is a promising start, it seems much more is needed to achieve the Paris Agreement.

An often overlooked solution is aligning heat production with heat demand of industrial sites. As long as industrial sites are recognized by giant white plumes hanging over the area, it is certain that significant amounts of unused heat are being released. Steam is in many industrial processes the number one energy carrier and finetuning steam production that is required for the business process is one of the most substantial daily challenges. The emissions themselves are not the biggest issue; it’s the energy used to create this excess steam.

Download the paper of Energy21 to find out more about the contribution industrial sites can have in cutting greenhouse gases.

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