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Flexera Webinar: Moving to Subscription in IoT

Successful IoT solutions put your customer front and center, with continuous engagement. Your organization needs to be tuned to deliver compelling value while consistently achieving great business results. Subscription is the way you run your business in this customer-centric world, and it may be quite different than the way you used to operate.

Join our webinar with Dan Johnson, Product Manager from Flexera to learn:

  • How to use data to manage the renewal process and understand how customers are using your products
  • How subscription will impact your financial operations and how you measure your business
  • The benefits of streamlining and automating your software operations
About Flexera:
Flexera’s solutions help software and IoT companies build and deliver secure products while protecting their IP.  Make a great first impression with your software – with the gold standard for Windows and multi-platform installations. Leverage the power of open source and future-proof your business by eliminating compliance and security risk. Implement flexible monetization models, become a digital leader and grow recurring revenue while keeping your customers front and center. For over 30 years, our 1300+ team members worldwide have been passionate about helping our more than 80,000 customers fuel business success. To learn more, visit www.flexerasoftware.com