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Harman Case Study: No profit, no innovation!

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Here we share with you an exclusive video case study from Niels Rasmussen, Innovation Lead
at Arman. 

In this presentation we want to provoke you on your perception of innovation, because we think most people have devaluated the term to be equal to “inventing something” or bringing something new to market. But there are way more power in the term innovation we believe!

If you can’t manufacture and profit on your bright, inventive and maybe patented idea, you never earned the privilege to call it an innovation. Actually it failed and it was not smart!

Capitalization is a prerequisite for innovation, and that is where most innovation fails.

For HARMAN smart manufacturing is not a matter of reaching industry 4.0. That’s not a goal in itself. Collaborative steps between all process chains have to be united to create innovations: R&D, Manufacturing, Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Service. The best setup for a given volume and complexity gives the best profit.

The HARMAN factory in Pécs, Hungary, (one of eight global manufacturing sites) have an extremely diversified mix of low and high volume products and very diverse complexity and traceability demands supporting both the automotive and the entertainment industry. From simple speakers to advanced infotainment systems for automotive and advanced automated lighting fixtures for entertainment, developed by R&D teams in Denmark, Germany, US, China and Hungary. We will explain how we tie all these worlds together in the same factory and culture.

  • If an new idea doesn’t bring profit, it’s not an innovation!
  • If an invention is not practical manufacturable – it’s not an invention
  • An invention is not necessarily innovation!
  • So did Leonardo Da Vinci create innovations?

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