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How to Improve your Supply Chain with Existing IT Investments

40% of global manufacturers find visibility a major issue for their organization, according to a KPMG survey. And the challenge of accessing an enterprise-wide view is multiplied several times over when managers need a clear picture of operations throughout their complex supply chains.
Newer technologies promise to deliver just that – visibility across the enterprise and supply chain. But where do these technologies that provide comprehensive coverage of business processes leave current systems? Read the whitepaper to learn how overlaying legacy systems with newer technologies is a great way to improve supply chain management with existing IT investments.

Key Facts (Extract)

  • Complex information flows between producers, suppliers and customers need integrated support.
  • Replacing legacy systems across the supply chain is no longer necessary with the advanced capabilities of BPM software.
  • Combining BPM software with legacy systems will simplify supply chain management.
  • Sophisticated integration solutions release the full value of existing IT investments across the supply chain.