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IBM Point of View: Internet of Things Security

According to an IDC study the number of connected things on our planet will have passed the 30 billion mark by 2020. The ever-present connectivity of things paves the way for innovations and new business opportunities, particularly for the manufacturing sector. But what does this mean in terms of IT security and system’s vulnerability to attacks? In this context IBM explained its view of security and privacy for Internet of Things services going into potential risks and challenges.

Key Facts

  • Connected systems carry the danger of “Denial-of-service” attacks.
  • IoT systems cannot depend on the constant integrity of every connected devices.
  • Open source components are exceedingly vulnerable to security threats (Heartbleed/OpenSSL).
  • All IoT projects should undergo a range of tests to verify functional operation and security mechanisms.

Learn more about security risks and challenges in tomorrow’s world of connected things from IBM’s perspective. Access the full whitepaper “IBM Point of view: Internet of Things Security” here.