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Interview: From Sensors to Insights: Enabling Industrial Analytics With IoT Platforms

ScaleUp 360° Industry of Things is the digital gathering for executives who play an active role in the Industrial Internet of Things scene. On November 21-22, 2019, ScaleUp 360° presents webinars on technologies & business strategies for scalable, secure and efficient IoT.
In the run-up to the 2019 ScaleUp 360° Industry of Things, we.CONECT spoke with Paul Martin Halm, Head of Product Management at Device Insight, about critical areas in the field of Industrial IoT and his webinar presentation at the event.

we.CONECT: Paul, what would you say is the the Pop in your job? As Head of Product Management at Device Insight, which tasks would you highlight as most exciting?

Paul Martin Halm: From story writing via UX design through the whole development phase, these are all exciting stages of seeing a new feature evolve. But for sure the most exciting part is having it go live and get feedback from customers using it.

we.CONECT: If you think of your clients’ requirements: Which problem areas in the context of Industrial IoT do you regard as particularly critical?

Paul Martin Halm: The most critical areas in the field of Industrial IoT revolve around security and safety: Security by design, trust and the possibility to control which data goes into an IIoT cloud platform and which shall reside on edge/in the plant.

we.CONECT: What would you highlight as the unique selling point Device Insight’s solution?

Paul Martin Halm:
There are actually 3 USPs which create the benefit of using our IoT platform CENTERSIGHT:
– Time to market: It is easy and fast to securely onboard new devices.
– Scalability: our Software-as-a-Service platform is perfectly prepared for growing businesses. Start small – think big.
– Customisation: Each IIoT project is unique – but it usually starts with connectivity and is then proceeding to transparency, insights and actions. CENTERSIGHT applications build the common foundation and our system integration specialists are happy to tailor the platform towards customer specific needs and use cases.

we.CONECT: At the 2019 ScaleUp 360° Industry of Things, you will be talking about enabling industrial analytics with IoT platforms. What is the most important message to the participants and what can we expect from your session?

Paul Martin Halm:
My session takes the participants on a journey from sensor data acquisition via industry standards such as OPC UA to getting machine health related predictions from machine learning services. Based on real use cases they will learn how an IoT platform facilitates the deployment of such new services not only for single machines, but for a globally distributed fleet or complete production lines and plants. The important message: IoT platforms offer the perfect technological basis leveraging your industrial data.

we.CONECT: Let’s look ahead: How do you assess the developments on the market for solutions for Indutrial IoT in the next 1-2 years? What do you expect will be the biggest game changers in the Industry?

Paul Martin Halm: Edge intelligence is growing fast. Cloud Connectivity is standard for new devices (machines, PLCs). This enables more and more subscription based business models: Subscribe to functionalities instead of buying them upfront.

we.CONECT: Thank, Paul, for taking the time!

Join Paul Martin Halm’s webinar at the 2019 ScaleUp 360! Industry of Things

About Paul Martin Halm: 

Paul Martin Halm is Head of Product Management at the Munich based IoT specialist Device Insight. In this function he is responsible for the continuous further development of the IoT platform CENTERSIGHT, Device Insight‘s flagship product.
After studying electrical engineering and information technology at the Technical University of Munich, Paul Martin Halm started his career as a consultant with an M2M communications provider for energy suppliers. His fascination for the Internet of Things was aroused by projects that he implemented in parallel as a freelancer. Among other things, he implemented a remote platform for a start-up company to monitor small hydropower plants.
Since 2015, Paul Martin Halm has been part of the Device Insight team, where he initially worked in sales and now develops the future features of the IoT platform.