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Keeping IIoT Software Up to Date – From the Cloud to Edge and Beyond

ScaleUp 360° Industry of Things is the digital gathering for executives who play an active role in the Industrial Internet of Things scene. On November 21-22, 2019, ScaleUp 360° presents webinars on technologies & business strategies for scalable, secure and efficient IoT.
In the run-up to the 2019 ScaleUp 360° Industry of Things, we.CONECT spoke with Scott Niemann, Principal Product Management from Flexera  about critical challenges in Industrial IoT and Flexera’s approach to solving them.

we.CONECT: Scott, If you think of your clients’ requirements: Which problem areas in the context of IIoT software do you regard as particularly critical?

Scott Niemann: One critical issue in Industrial IoT is being able to monetize digital products – the software element of your offering – in an offline environment. It can be a big problem to ensure the data from disconnected sites being billed against.

we.CONECT: What do you think is the best approach to meeting these challenges?

Scott Niemann: The only workable solution is to get a robust monetization system which collects usage data but also provides interface to the end user which they can use to communicate their data back to the supplier

we.CONECT: What would you highlight as the unique selling point Flexera’s solution?

Scott Niemann: I think Flexera’s USP is our data and insights capability which allows vendors to see how customers using your software based on acquired use rights – no matter whether connected or disconnected.

we.CONECT: Your webinar session at the 2019 the ScaleUp 360° Industry of Things is under the title Keeping Software Up to Date – From the Cloud to Edge and Beyond. What is the most important message to the participants and your clients in this context?

Scott Niemann: If I had to pick one key point, I would say that you should ensure those customers who are entitled to receive updates, get them automatically  and you can also see if they are consuming those updates. This plays a critical role in reducing revenue leakage

we.CONECT: Looking ahead, how do you assess the developments on the market for solutions for Industrial IoT in the next 1-2 years?

Scott Niemann: Going forward, any solution which can increase transparency for suppliers into customer usage data will become increasingly important

we.CONECT: Thank you, Scott for sharing your insights and taking the time!

Join Scott Nieman’s webinar at the 2019 ScaleUp 360! Industry of Things

Keeping Software Up to Date – From the Cloud to Edge and Beyond

November 21, 2019, 04 PM (CET) || 10 AM (EDT)

About Scott Niemann:

Scott Niemann is Principal Product Management for Software Monetization products at Flexera. Scott has held key roles in Flexera’s product management team for over 6 years. Prior to Flexera, Scott held product management roles in IBM, I-Logix and Telelogic.