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Maximizing your manufacturing data with MES – Whitepaper by Dr. Paul Murray

MES Expert and ESP consultant Dr. Paul Murray reveals the benefits of collecting Manufacturing data via MES or MIS. With the increase of electronic systems used in manufacturing the amount of data available continues to grow. But how much real time use of data is being used to improve performance, for example in case of the application of Manufacturing Execution Systems in the pharmaceutical industry?

Key Facts

  • Use MES to avoid underutilized Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) to save time, resources and costs.
  • The system takes on the analysis of clean hold times and can guide operators to select the best IBC in use.
  • The information collected in the MES database can be displayed and updated regularly on screen displays to provide real time data for operators in the staging area

If you want to get more out of your manufacturing data with Manufacturing Execution Systems in use, download the the full Whitepaper “Maximizing Your Manufacturing Data with MES” here.