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PGS Software: Automatic Process-optimization with Mesh Twin Learning

The Rethink! Smart Manufacturing is the strategy event for production executives and plant managers to discuss current projects, latest developments, emerging technologies and trends in the area of Smart Manufacturing, Lean Management and Operational Excellence. It is the networking platform for top-level decision makers to exchange experience and to find new ideas and solutions for tomorrow’s digital strategy.

Here we share with you an exclusive video case study from Rafal Jasinski, Senior Business Analyst at PGS Software and Łukasz Panusz Chief Solutions Architect on “Automatic Process-optimization with Mesh Twin Learning “.

Industry 4.0 is becoming more and more wide spread – from semi-automated nesting through automated production lines to Smart Factories. By scaling Digital Twin technology with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PGS Software combined Data Science and Cloud computing to create Mesh Twin Learning (MTL) – a solution in which 2 or more AI-controlled Edge environments learn from one another’s experiences and adopt best practises to optimize workflows across the entire plant network.

  • Continuously optimise production process parameters with micro optimization loops
  • Establish connected factory networks in a cost-efficient way
  • Build a Mesh Twin Learning solution
  • How Cloud computing can facilitate the introduction of AI-based practices

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