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RedViking: Automotive line part kitting and sequencing

One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers needed to add more models and styles to their production line without adding floor space. Their assembly line was already overcrowded and the addition of more parts seemed impossible. Operators were becoming frustrated with time wasted searching for parts that led to line interruptions.
Bringing in Part Kitting, Sequencing, Error Proofing and Track and Trace RedViking delivered an approach to build hundreds of new model variations without expanding facilities or compromising quality.

The solution in detail:

  • RedViking configured a sequencing system for off line part pickers to stagger or reverse order parts before placing them line-side for assembly.
  • Parts are continuously tracked, giving purchasing better visibility into inventories, so shortfalls and excesses are avoided.
  • Just-in-time lineside inventory eliminates waste crowding the assembly line. For ride-along, off line pickers place parts for a model build in a container that travels with the car through the line, aligning with the build schedule.

View the full case study “Automotive Line Part Kitting and Sequencing” and find out how RedViking enabled a production line with hundreds of car models without adding floor space.