ScaleUp 360° Pharma MES Europe – The digital summit for pharma & biotech manufacturing decision makers

The digital summit on MES implementation and manufacturing intelligence will be taking place on June 30 – July 01 2020 offering 12 webinars over 2 days.

Register online for free and tune into any of the live sessions.

The ScaleUp 360° Pharma MES Europe agenda covers all business and technological aspects & challenges regarding implementing MES and driving manufacturing intelligence through data and you can engage with your peers in real-time – right from your desk.

These are ScaleUp 360 Pharma MES topics in 2020:

Defining a MES deployment roadmap and getting everyone on the shop floor on the same page for a successful implementation
Mastering regulatory compliance and preventing data integrity issues with incorporated ALCOA+ functionalities through MES
Finding the right MES Delivery Model and venturing into MES-as-a-Serivce and defining the advantages of edge, hybrid and cloud solutions for effective and secure manufacturing data
Managing and overseeing quality information in real time to reduce errors and paperwork, resulting in ‘First Time Right’ manufacturing practices and faster product release
Lean manufacturing to provide real time overview on KPI’s and performance for shorter release times, increased production capacity and multiple batch/shift production and inventory management
E2E data integration with adjacent systems and establishing a seamless flow of data between the shopfloor, MES and ERP
Benchmarking digital manufacturing strategies and defining roadmaps and business case towards Pharma 4.0

ScaleUp 360° Pharma MES Speaker Panel:

Nigel Cryer, Head of Compliance & Inspection Readiness – Sanofi
Gian Mauro Brozzi, Manufacturing & Quality IT Director – Lilly
Frank Thielmann, Operational Excellence Director – Takeda
Martin Fusek, Global Program Manager Manufacturing – Merck

Join us when senior level executives and leading professionals discuss the most pressing challenges and solutions, technologies, trends and best practice innovations in the field of MES and manufacturing data in the pharmaceutical industry. For more information on the agenda, our partners and online registration, visit our website at https://www.scale-up-360.com/en/pharma-mes-europe/

June 30 – July 01, 2020 | Digital Event