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Secured IOT Interoperability from Sensor to IT Enterprise

Industry of Things World USA is the only event running over 3 days that focuses on the impact of the industrial IoT on business models, manufacturing processes and operations across all major industries in the USA.

This event is part of the award-winning Industry of Things World global event series and has turned into the meeting point for senior executives wanting to deepen their knowledge and broaden their network in the Industrial Internet. In the last edition which took place last March 02 – 03 in San Diego California, the special focus was on IIoT Strategy, New Business & Service Models, Smart Factory Readiness for SMEs, Industry 4.0, Operational Excellence, Condition Monitoring, RPA, AR & VR as well as Data & Technical Infrastructure, Legacy systems and IoT Networks.

Here we share with you an exclusive video case study from Thomas Burke, President and Executive Director ath the OPC Foundation.

In his Session about the differences between IIoT and Industrie4.0 Thomas covers the following topics:

  • Why is semantic interoperability the key for the Industrial IoT, M2M and Industrie 4.0?
  • What connectivity does not enough: why is semantic interoperability the key for the Industrial IoT, M2M and Industrie 4.0?
  • Why OPC Unified Architecture is required to name your product “Industrie 4.0 compliant”?
  • What are role do initiatives like IIC, Platform Industrie 4.0, Japanese IVI, China 2025, and Korea Manufacturing have to play and how do we make surethey are all connected?
  • How is collaboration transforming information integration between IT and OT?

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