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From Shut-Down to Ramp-Up

Today we present you an exclusive session from the Global ManuChem Strategies 2020 which took place virtually due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Ewald van Ravenswaay, Partner at Chartwell Consulting, Matthew Stockwin, Manufacturing Director, Europe at Coats Group, Michael Merget, CVP Global Head of Operations and Supply Chain at Henkel AG and Harish Lade, Vice President Supply Chain at Asian Paints took part in a panel discussion on From Shut-Down to Ramp-Up – What are the impacts on chemical manufacturing and what can we take away from the shock?

Key topics addressed:

– Very practically, how has the situation impacted the way you manufacture (social distancing, production shifts, collaborations, ramping-up production…)?

– How do you deal with uncertainty around lock-downs and ramp-ups? How do you prepare for the future?

– Have you seen positive impacts of the shock?

– What are your key learnings from the crisis – what do we need most to produce efficiently and securely in the future?

– Have you seen benefits from digital manufacturing – being able to procure and produce more flexibly?

– What are the long-term anticipations the chemical industry needs to consider?

– What will change for suppliers, producers and on the demand side (clients)?

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