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Siemens standardized labeling across its global factories to drive new levels of efficiency

Manufacturing companies are under constant pressure to become more efficient and reduce costs. In many cases, a fragmented labeling landscape contributes to added maintenance costs and creates a barrier to best practices. Recognizing an opportunity to significantly improve efficiency and accuracy in its operations, Siemens — an industrial manufacturing organization with factories across the world — decided to implement standardized, real-time labeling for its highly automated manufacturing and logistics environments.

Read the case study and learn how Siemens integrated its ERP system and other business systems with a centralized labeling approach to deliver streamlined labeling in 22 factories across six countries, enabling it to:

  • Reduce IT costs and quality control costs
  • Improve end-to-end operational efficiency
  • Increase agility and enable faster time to market
  • Achieve ROI in less than 4 months