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The best IoT Devices for Business Security

The best IoT devices

The Internet of things and its technologies are gaining much popularity recently, in both homes and businesses. And as time passes, they will certainly be on a global focus. They involve connecting different devices with the internet, and are bound to change the way people carry out their activities. In fact, they’re a technique which aim to reduce the cost of living, because certain things such as lighting utilise lesser energy.
However, as technology is advancing, it also gives the chance for cyber bullying and online threats.; For instance, with IoT devices, consumers totally lack privacy which in turn creates numerous opportunities for intruders to hack accounts and steal confidential data.
A recent study showed that 85% of businesses favor IoT devices, and some are already using it. However, 10% of them think that cyber security should be implemented to enhance more confidence in new technologies. An effective security plan not only involves securing the devices, but also creating a software application with a built-in security linked to a network.
These are among the many issues that the IoT developers must break through in order to gain full acceptability from the intended users. Whilst that is the case, here we will discuss some of the best IoT devices that can be used to provide security in businesses.

The best devices For business security

1. F-secure SENSE

The F-secure sense device works by being connected to a Wi-Fi router and it allows you to monitor the activities that take place from your location through the mobile phone. As you can probably tell from its name, whenever the device senses that something is not right, it sends you a notification immediately so that you can act accordingly.
When the device is well connected, you can even monitor the movements of particular objects from one place to another. The gadget is manufactured with an advanced technology which ensures that it is constantly updated and able to categorise and counter threats, such as viruses.

2. The Luma smart WiFi router

The Luma device focuses primary on aspects such as speed, accuracy and safety. Even though it is an advanced device, there are no additional setting configurations. It utilises detections for viruses and other intrusions that can pose a risk.
The best feature about this device is its ability to detect any attempts to hack the system as it detects wrong passwords. It’s also possible to connect it with your mobile phone. This allows you to monitor all devices that are connected to it along the activities being carried out. However, it is possible to restrict the access to this device – any person can be blocked.

3. The Dojo

The Dojo device has the ability to stop the transfer of documents from your devices, such as a computer, to other devices in case the hackers have gained access. This is a unique feature that has provided security to its users, and is also very simple to use.
It is one of those devices which doesn’t require an integration with a security software. It works similarly to the other devices by detecting hackers and blocking them, as well as sending notifications to the owner to act accordingly. However, it’s uniquely fitted with a glowing-rock which can be moved around to detect more activities and enhance monitoring. It then glows in different colors such as green, red and orange depending on the level of network’s safety.

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