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The Future of IoT and Big Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered one of the technological innovations which will shape our future. We have seen an explosion of IoT advancements in the past years, everything from managing the temperature in our homes with smart thermostats to tracking your caloric intake and daily steps with fitness trackers. Devices are all around us, and IoT and big data promise to connect these devices to improve your lives. By connecting our devices, we will be able to leverage shared data across various connections. With all of our devices sharing data point, we will be able to make our data more useful across all aspects of our lives.
Here are the top three ways how IoT will impact the future of marketing for your business!

1. Collect Massive Amounts Of Data To Personalize Marketing

Throughout recent years, companies have started collecting massive amounts of data on their customers to personalize marketing. Whether it is Google collecting data to improve their PPC and remarketing efforts, or various GPS apps collecting your physical location, businesses are going to leverage IoT technology to learn more about their customers.
IoT allows marketers to capture massive amounts of information about their clients. By way of example, for at least 22 years McDonald’s has offered a Monopoly competition where clients peel stickers from products to win prizes. IoT is transforming this old-school game into something more complex.
The company partnered with Piper, a Bluetooth low-energy beacon alternative. It greets clients on their mobiles as they enter the restaurant. Once inside, customers are offered relevant coupons, surveys and other information. It is great for the consumer since they receive relevant data in real time, but it’s also great for McDonald’s since the company collects lots of information.

2. More Dynamic User Experiences

IoT will allow your customers to get a better understanding of how services and products work. This will be possible because IoT devices will advance to allow customers to engage with your brand quickly and easily. This dynamic experience will further enhance how connected your customers are with you and the ease that it will be to purchase from you in their day-to-day schedule.
Amazon has already started experimenting with this approach with Amazon Dash Buttons. These small buttons allow customers to purchase various products by simply pressing the appropriate Dash Button. As a result, Amazon has seen an increase in returning purchases have continued to secure additional market share.
IoT technology will continue to integrate into the lives of your customers. For example, autonomous cars will connect with other devices, and much like Amazon Dash Buttons, users will be able to engage with various technologies that integrate with your brand messaging. This holistic integration will provide the platform your business will need to stay on the top of mind of your customers.

3. IoT Will Make Everything We Touch Into A Marketing Platform

The future of technology integration into our daily lives will become more ubiquitous in the forthcoming decades. Exactly like we see robust ecosystems in our investigation information on Google and guiding information that is presented, we’ll begin to see marketing applications beyond traditional apparatus and solutions.
The next wave of IoT and big data will be leveraged in self-driving cars. Because Americans spend almost two hours per day journey to and from work, marketers are going to have the ability to engage their customers on a deep level when passengers are freed from the tedious responsibilities of driving. In its place, drivers will be able to be productive and complete jobs during that drive and marketers will be able to integrate their marketing messaging into future autonomous car technology.

Work Smarter together with the Internet of Things

The future of marketing is fast approaching, and if you want your business and commercialization strategy to succeed, then you need to plan how to leverage emerging technology to increase sales.
IoT is one of the most exciting developments that will bring together technology, big data, and the personalized preferences of your customers. This blending of technology and human interaction will allow marketers to use their marketing budget more efficiently, develop more efficient marketing campaigns, and increase the bottom line for their business!

About the author:

Chris Giarratana is a Digital Media Strategy Consultant who helps small business owners grow their business. He is passionate about digital marketing, emerging technologies, and transportation issues.