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ICIS/Hitachi survey: Impact of operational improvement programs

Chemical companies are pushed to work more efficiently due to increasingly challenging market conditions. Many companies are turning to operational improvement programs to increase performance, but how are they doing? ICIS Chemical Business conducted an online survey in association with Hitachi Consulting revealing experiences and insights from industry leaders.

Key Facts

  • Importance of operational improvement in senior discussions: Top 3 agenda item (47%) or Top 5 agenda item (37%).
  • Centrally facilitated programmes with one or few core functions do not satisfy chemical manufacturers.
  • Autonomous and site-driven programmes with full integration show the highest satisfaction potential.
  • Manufacturing related programmes principally aim at structural cost reduction (74%) and quality improvements (69%)
  • The main non-manufacturing related goals are innovation and growth (73%).

Learn how the industry approaches the journey to get more out of less with operational excellence programmes. Access the full whitepaper here.