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Transform Manufacturing Execution System Delivery: Steps to Minimize Risk and Cost

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are revolutionizing the life science industry to digitalize operations in this highly regulated environment. Whether it is to ensure compliance, enhance data integrity or accelerate product release, organizations are implementing MES more frequently than ever before. However, the cost of investment and the risks associated with deploying a MES can become an insurmountable hurdle.

This Emerson webinar shows how to overcome these barriers and minimize risk to project scope and schedule using a standardized solution based on pre-configured MES components using an agile delivery process.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

Use standard process flows and best practices to quickly start deploying an MES solution.
Start the design with as much as 80% of the project scope already complete.
Easily adopt and implement out-of-the-box functionality to meet your manufacturing requirements.
View a live demonstration example of how easy you can get started.


Speakers: Johan Zebib (Senior MES Consultant), Izabella Geapana, (Technical Expert) and Bill Carey (Senior Syncade Consultant) from Emerson

About Emerson

Emerson Process Management is a leader in helping manufacturers in the life sciences industry automate their production and processes through operations management, process automation, asset management, and field instrumentation.

From specific technologies and services to comprehensive solutions, Emerson’s family of brands represents the myriad ways customer needs can be met. Specifically within the life science industry, Emerson’s leading Syncade™ operations management solution provides manufacturing control to optimise work processes and maximise asset utilisation. Implemented in a modular and scalable manner, thus enabling the user to address a specific function and then add extra capability as needed, Syncade provides a specific solution for:

In addition, Emerson can assist customers with the implementation of creating a Process Analytical Technology based solution with data modelling, data management, and recipe configuration.