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White Paper: Alliance of Industrial Internet on the state of IIoT Architecture

As new information technologies like the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence are more and more integrated with traditional major industries, new production and organization processes as well as business models emerge. The outcome is a complex eco-system that can be interpreted in many different ways. Discrepancies in understanding industrial internet may lead to divergences in choosing technologies and standard roadmaps. This in turn could have a negative impact on interoperability and deployment costs.

In order to avoid the mentioned scenario the Alliance of Industrial Internet (AII) launched a study on the industrial internet architecture under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and developed this “Industrial Internet Architecture” report (version 1.0) based on summarizing development practices at both home and abroad, which introduces the connotations, targets, architecture, key elements and trends of the industrial internet.

Key Topics

  • Industrial Internet Connotation and its Relationship with Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Industrial Internet Architecture
  • Network Systems of Industrial Internet
  • Data/Security System of Industrial Internet
  • Implementation of Industrial Internet

Make sure that you are familiar with the state of the art regarding the industrial internet. Our understanding about the industrial internet may still be preliminary as it is a long evolution. Nevertheless it is most important to stay up-to-date.