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Wind River on Device Management in IoT

For most enterprises, the compelling case for the Internet of Things (IoT) is the ability to access the valuable data being generated by hundreds or even thousands of field devices. That can happen only if the devices delivering that data and the gateways that direct data to enterprise systems are continually performing as expected. Device manufacturers and IoT system developers need to think upfront about how to manage those devices. This paper outlines the business case for efficient device management and introduces a solution for managing edge devices remotely, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Challenges within the integration of numerous field devices:

Maintaining devices (“things”) will be one of the major challenges regarding the Internet of Things.
Recommendation: Find ways to monitor health of devices in the field to prevent system disruption and downtime.
More interrelated issues: (De)Commissioning and Provisioning, Security, Integration and Updates.

How to build required capability into IoT devices and systems? Read the white paper and learn about Wind River’s technological approach on managing and monitoring connected devices actively.