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XebiaLabs Webinar – Software release orchestration & the enterprise

Enterprises are realizing that doing DevOps right requires a streamlined Continuous Delivery pipeline that spans many groups beyond Dev and Ops. Finding a way to automate and control modern DevOps processes while maintaining visibility is a huge a challenge. Andréas Prins, IT Manager at ING and Andrew Phillips, VP of DevOps Strategy at XebiaLabs, discuss the particular challenges enterprises are facing and deliver actionable guidance during the Webinar.

DevOps To Do's

  • Gain better control and oversight of your DevOps automation and overall software delivery process.
  • Provide visibility into your Continuous Delivery process for everyone involved in your DevOps initiative.
  • Release more quickly, identify bottlenecks, reduce errors and lower the risk of release failures.

Find the full video webinar “Software Release Orchestration and the Enterprise” with 60 minutes of thought leader insights on DevOps here.